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Atacama, Chile Desert Race

Categories: Ultrarun

The Atacama Crossing is a six-stage, 250-kilometer footrace across the Atacama Desert of Chile. All competitors must carry all their own food, gear and clothing while navigating through about 30 checkpoints (CPs). The Atacama Crossing is part of the 4 DesertsTM, a series of footraces in the world’s four largest deserts (the Atacama, the Gobi, the Sahara and Antarctica).
The Atacama Crossing will take place in the Atacama Desert of Chile — the driest place on Earth. The Atacama Desert is 15 million years old and is the location for many high tech astronomy centers for leading educational institutions in the world. The Atacama Desert has the most lunar-like landscape on Earth and is frequently used by NASA to test its Mars rover vehicles. The entire event will be held at one mile above sea level and cover the distance required to make a horizontal crossing of the country of Chile (250 kilometers).


Author: Sissel Smaller