Sissel Smaller Bio

Sissel was born in Arendal, Norway. Has since lived in Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, USA and UK. She worked as an Intensive Care Nurse with heart transplant patients in Sydney before she moved to London to help start up Medical Centre for Cardiac Research.

Sissel has always been a girl that needed a challenge and after finishing as a downhill skier, she then started climbing mountains instead. Her love for the mountains has always been there. She first went to Mount Everest in 2003 to test if her body had the ability to adapt to extreme altitude. After successfully reaching her goal at 7050 meters, North Col, she realized that her dream of climbing Mount Everest was a possibility.

After making her first of the Seven Summits in August of 2004 when she climbed Mount Elbrus in Russia, she then went on to become the third norwegian woman (first mother) to summit Mount Everest on the 5th of June 2005

Sissel has now become the third norwegian woman to climb the Seven Summits and she made all the summits on first attempt. She is using her experience to give motivational talks to school children. She also organized a Kilimanjaro climb for breast cancer survivors in 2006 where all the 14 women made the summit.