Reflections of the challenge

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We started as a team and finished as a happy team.
That was our challenge! Plus of course raising money for the Eve Appeal.
It was a tough week for all the 214 people that got to the start on the 17th of May. Out of the 214 only 168 made it through the 250 km.
Our first challenge was before the start, as our bags did not make it to Windhoek on our flight. Luckily the bags arrived two hours before they closed the gear check. I guess that is why we had the heaviest backpacks (12kg) as we had not had enough time to get rid of makeup and extra luxury goods 🙂
We were for that reason voted the best smelling tent …. “desert musk”
The first stage took us through the Fish River Canyon, it was a tough but beautiful stage (39km).
On the long 100km stage we had to get up at 1am to first have a 5 hours bus ride to the Skeleton Coast. After that we started the stage with sand dunes. We could see people dropping out of the race as we were getting further into the long stage.
Reflections of the challenge
Author: Sissel Smaller